The Man Behind the Company

Patrick A. Ortiz


Born in New Mexico and raised in Ohio , Pat Ortiz came to California as a young man, lured by the beautiful weather. He had taken business and geology courses at Kent State University , and earned a degree at Santa Ana College . During the early part of his career, Pat worked for Vinnell Corporation and Robert E. Fulton Company. He then moved to Kasler Corporation, and spent 14 years there holding positions such as Assistant Equipment Manager, Risk Manager, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Estimator, and Area Manager. At Kasler, Pat worked on a variety of jobs, including building the Vandenberg Space Shuttle Launch Pad, for which he was Project Superintendent, and the LAX Second Level Roadway. All the while, he was acquiring the tools that would inspire and prepare him to found Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. in 1986. As the CEO and Manager, Pat has shepherded the company through its first 20 years, and seen annual revenues grow to more than 200 times what they were at the start.

Truly a Family Enterprise

The whole Ortiz family is involved in the success of the operation. Jill, Pat's wife of over 30 years, worked by his side when the company was just starting out. For the first 10 years, she ran the office, and managed to balance that with creating a nurturing home life for the couple's three children. Pat readily acknowledges that the company couldn't have gotten off the ground without her. Jill still serves as corporate Vice President. In recent years, son Jeff joined the company and is Project Engineer for a job in Pomona . The youngest, daughter Leigh, came on board in 2003. Michelle, eldest of the three, has pursued a career as a teacher, while her husband, Paul Navarro, signed on with the company in 2005 as a Carpenter Foreman.

Making Time to Help Others

Thriving business, dynamic family - it's all a man can be expected to handle, given the limits of time and energy. But Pat Ortiz also makes time to give back to the community. Pat is dedicated to various Catholic charities where his strong faith and generosity are focused on providing assistance and encouragement to individuals in need. Over the years he and Jill have been recipients of many awards and honors for their great contribution.


Here are just some of the organizations to which Pat donates his service:

  • Board of Directors, Catholic Charities of Orange County
  • Board of Directors, Order of Malta , Western Association
  • Board of Directors, Taller San Jose
  • Parish Council, San Francisco Solano Catholic Church
  • Land Acquisition Committee, St. Michael's Abbey


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The Man Behind the Company

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