Major Projects Currently Under Construction

Crown Valley Parkway Widening - Laguna Niguel, CA
Culver City Route 405 Widening - Culver City, CA
Dyer Road Route 55 Widening - Santa Ana, CA
Route 60 / Paramount - Montebello, CA
Crown Valley Parkway Widening #2 - Laguna Niguel, CA

$  6 million
$17 million
$  8 million
$  5 million
$  2 million

Route 60 and Paramount Blvd


Featured Project (Current)

Route 60 / Paramount Bridge

The project is to replace the original bridge, which was severely damaged by fire from a double tanker under the bridge on December 14, 2011. The original Paramount Blvd Overcrossing (BR53- 1910) was a four-span, 96-foot wide bridge. It was constructed in 1968, and had pre-cast (P/C) / pre-stressed (PS) reinforced concrete I girder superstructure with diaphragm abutments. The new bridge will be a two-span structure, with each span 125 feet long. The width of the new bridge will be increased to128 feet. Pre-cast and pre-stressed reinforced concrete Bulb Tee girders will be used for the new superstructure, which will be supported by 4-foot diameter columns at the bent, and cantilever seat type abutments at both ends of the bridge.



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