Recently Completed Contracts

Route 405 at MacArthur – Irvine, CA 
Route 405 at Bear Street – Costa Mesa, CA  
Route 134/170 Soundwalls – Glendale, CA  
San Diego Creek Emergency Repair – Orange County, CA
Route 405 Soundwalls – Torrance, CA
Hwy 180 / Route 99 – Fresno, CA 
Route 241 Tollway – Irvine, CA   
Route 15 Widening – San Diego, CA 
LA River BNSF RR Bridge – South Gate, CA
LA River Rio Hondo Channel 
Route 105 Drainage – Los Angeles, CA
Interstate 10 Pomona – Balfour Beatty/Ortiz JV
Mission Valley LRT – Balfour Beatty/Ortiz JV                            Route 5 at Oso Parkway                                                            Clinton Keith Road Bridge                                                       Riverside Energy Resource Center                                          Moulton Parkway                                                                             Kinder Morgan Oil Refinery
Route 57 / 60 – Diamond Bar, CA 
East End / Reservoir St. Grade Separation –Pomona, CA  
Route 78 – San Marcos, CA  
Ocean Blvd / Terminal Island Fwy – Long Beach, CA
Pier S Pump Station – Long Beach, CA

$ 6 million
$ 6 million
$ 6 million
$ 2 million
$ 3 million
$ 5 million
$13 million
$ 5 million
$ 5.5 million
$20 million
$10 million
$86 million
$60 million                   $13 million                 $13 million           $500,000                    $5 million                    $1 million
$5 Million
$33 Million
$9 Million
$34 Million
$28 Million

Featured Projects (Completed)

Rebuilding of Santa Monica Freeway after 1994 Earthquake
After the devastating Northridge earthquake hit the Los Angeles area on the morning of January 17, 1994 , Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. worked with contractor C. C. Myers to rebuild damaged portions of the Santa Monica Freeway. The country's busiest roadway was out of service, and that created a true emergency. Pat Ortiz remembers, "We went in on that job on a handshake. We worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, getting a lot of the excavating work done before we actually signed a contract." This was one of several projects the company worked on to make earthquake-related repairs.

River - Rio Hondo Channel (2002 )
Working under a $20 million contract for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. raised the height of 21 miles of existing levees along the Rio Hondo Channel of the Los Angeles River . We built up earthen levee embankments, constructed parapet walls on top of the levee, and lined the L.A. River Channel to protect the area from future flooding. Crushing and sizing 72,000 tons of salvaged stone was a significant part of the job. Meteorologists have long predicted that eventually this area will be hit by the "100-year storm." Now we'll be ready for it.

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