In California, driving the freeways is a way of life. We have one of the best highway systems in the world, yet most of us take it for granted. Other than passing occasional work crews and bemoaning the slowed pace of traffic, do we ever think about the people who make the trip possible?

Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. is a well established, experienced, successful full-service  construction company and equal opportunity employer, that provides services for a variety of freeway, flood control, and commercial projects.

We are a minority contractor, featured on Hispanic Business magazine’s list of the “100 Fastest Growing Hispanic Businesses.” Our outstanding team of estimators, project managers and superintendents is available to tackle any job, large or small, with skill, integrity, and dedication.

Travel along just about any Southern California freeway, and chances are you’re on the site of one of the hundreds of projects completed by Ortiz Enterprises, Inc.

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